"Let me help you to nourish your life
and re-energise your body and mind,
so you can be the best you".

Using only safe, organic, natural and ethical tools
with a cultivating intelligent, intuitive fun approach
that you'll love.

"Welcome to opening your mind to a new way of thinking
and opening your heart to a new way of being"

Love Jade
Jade Green BA(hons), dip.CBT, CThC, ASThS, AET, RM, ShH
Learning and Development Researcher for Health and Education
Colour Therapist, CBT Therapist, Advanced Colour Care Therapy Consultant & Practitioner

Reiki Master and Teacher, Shamanic and Energy Healing Practitioner

I offer;
Advanced Colour Therapy Sessions

Learning/Development Workshops 

​Would you like to pick up new skills, 
improve your wellbeing, 
lift your mood,
safeguard your health, 
get support with learning and development, 
or get a mind and body health boost inside and out?

 I give fun and inspiring sessions 
to help you get back on track for 
everyday life, work and education.

 I offer a kind, safe, non judgemental atmosphere,
pulling in my expertise of a variety of therapies, 

which I tailor to your individual needs.

 Because we are all different, I utilise the best tools to fit your requirements, resulting in a more personal approach that caters

for 'you'.