A brief outline of varying therapies utilised for their tools.

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  1. Colour Therapy / Advanced Colour Therapy Care
    I have combined the 'Colour Therapy' and the 'Advanced Colour Therapy Care' systems to utilise a greater range of highly beneficial, inspiring intelligent and fun tools that all compliment each other. Sessions may include any (and as many) of the following; Advanced Aura Soma for Adults and Teenagers Advanced Aura Soma for Babies, Toddlers, Children & throughout Pregnancy Aromatherapy with Colour Art Therapy & Crafts Baby Massage, Rainbow Massage & Colour Massage Breathing, Relaxation & Visualisation Techniques Chromotherapy Colours & Feng Shui for Interiors, Play Areas, Work Area & Schools, Clothing, Work Wear & Uniforms Colour Nutrition Colour, Sound & Music Colour Therapy & Advanced Colour Therapy Care for Difficult Situations including (not limited to); Reducing Stress, Separation, Grief, Anger Management, Hyperactivity, Dealing with Trauma, Coping after Abuse, Child Abuse, Domestic Violence, Depression, Learning Difficulties, Anxiety, Mental Clarity, Nightmares & Night Terrors, Stomach Upsets, Headaches, Coping with serious illness and pain management, Hearing and Sight problems (the list is proving endless...) Light Therapy Therapeutic Colours for Behaviour, Learning, Mental Development & Physical Development Mindfulness Rainbow Ray Reiki Your Personal Birth Colours, Life Path Colours & Healing Colours
  2. CBT
    Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is a type of talking therapy, which is an evidence based practice for improving mental and physical health. CBT uses mindfulness, relaxation exercises, muscle relaxation techniques along with tools to change the way you think, feel and behave, helping you to manage your problems by giving you coping skills. It can be highly beneficial for children, teenagers and adults and is most commonly used to treat; Abandonment Issues, Addiction, Anger Management, Anxiety, Body Dismorphic Disorder or Syndrome, Chronic and Acute Pain Management, Chronic Fatigue Disorder, Depression, Eating Disorders, ‘Free Floating’ Fear, Interrelationship Issues, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Obsessions, Panic Attacks, Panic Disorders, Past Life Experiences, Poor Self Esteem, Minor Personality Disorders, Phobias, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Self-Harming, Stress, Social Phobias, some Medical Conditions and Substance Misuse. ​ The MBCT - mindfulness based cognitive therapy - combines a form of meditation with elements of cognitive therapy, partially based upon Eastern Buddhist Meditation which has been in existence for many centuries. Mindfulness is a process for 'being in the now', paying more attention to the 'present moment', acknowledging your thoughts, feelings and the world around you, accepting them as they are and then letting go. Combining ancient wisdom and 21st century science, Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) is proving to be a powerful tool to help prevent relapse in depression and the after effects of trauma. In sessions CBT looks at various techniques, tailored to the individual. I have found a mixture of CBT with colour therapy and shamanic healing compliment each other for enhanced sustainable results.
  3. Education / Development / Learning
    The colour and sound vibrational tools are highly beneficial with learning, development and education. Colour is a fun, safe, mindful, ever changing, organic form, ideal for working with both children and adults. Children are particularly open to and receptive to the qualities of colour, sound, energy and light, often the results are seen more quickly and advanced as children relate to nature so easily and effortlessly. As an aid with learning and development, the tools connect fully to the learner, helping to speed up and simplify the processes for Reading, Writing, Spelling, Speech, Maths, Science, Art, Music, Languages - in fact, it can be applied to any subject or area. It is aiding with Learning Difficulties, Speech, Hearing and Sight Problems, Dyslexia and Autism. We can apply it to any learning need or requirement. Our modern society has been labelled the 'age of anxiety' which can be seen in all ages of the spectrum, it makes learning more pressured for both the learner and the teacher. Colour and sound are proving valuable tools to help diminish this out of the equation, enabling excelled learning to happen. The tools help with concentration and storing information for sustainable results, making learning more easy, therefore, beneficial whilst preparing for Stressful or Difficult Situations, Exams, Important Meetings or Interviews and generally anything to do with learning and development. The therapies are subsiding attention, distraction and disruptive issues, anything to make life a little easier in this stressful and sometimes daunting world! I incorporate a mixture of tools tailored to each individual, whether it is a group or a one-to-one session makes no difference, the tools connect to each person individually. I work with large classes, smaller groups and one-to-one individual sessions. The equipment incorporates popular mindful practices.
  4. Shamanic Healing / Energy Healing
    This is a deep form of energy healing, balancing your energies and vibrations and restoring your health and wellbeing back to a harmonious way of being. Healing anything from physical, mental and spiritual, aiding cognitive function and social development. It was thought to be the original neuro-theology and encompasses every aspect of healing. Shamanic healing helps people to see how emotional patterns become physical reality and then helps them to realign with more holistic patterns. It simply requires you to undergo an active yet relaxing process with the Shamanic Practitioner. Being thought to be the first medicine invented, Shamanic healing practice goes way back pre-Egyptian healing, Tibetians, Buddhists, Manchus and Mongols had strong influences in the healing, for example Buddhists Monks’ meditation is a form of Shamanic Practice. The healing codes radiate your own unique signature bringing in highly intelligent tools for restoration of health. Enhancing your natural body’s healing process allows you to be whole again. It is believed to be a vital ancient and sacred energy that sustains all of life. It is in it’s most purest form and has a limitless array of benefits by accessing hugely immense natural frequencies. To give you an idea, energies and vibrations can work on cellular repair, science shows we are made up of cells, which are made up of atoms, which are made up of particles and particles are vibrating energy. We are made of vibrating energy, so we bring in healthy vibrations of energy to rebalance and free up the old stuck energy, releasing the negative, in turn replacing it with a free flow of healthy new frequencies to come through and replace it. Shamanic healing can be used to help reduce Stress, Anxiety and Depression, a reduction in Negative Emotions, Blockages and Traumas, decrease in Chronic Pain, healing wounds such as Childhood Traumas and Phobias, help finding your purpose in life and gaining your power back, along with enhanced creativity and problem solving skills. It can help you with self-awareness and gaining insight along with restoring balance giving you greater clarity.