Learningand DevelopmentWorkshops

​​​​​​​​​"To Make Learning Easier"

I run workshops that are available for one-to-one individual sessions, small groups and large classes.  

These cater for babies, toddlers, children, teenagers, adults, mums to be, nurseries, schools, home education,
work / office environments and at home.    ​

 I incorporate Advanced, yet simple and fun
colour and sound techniques to improve learning and development along with mindfulness and coping techniques for health and wellbeing.  

I utilise tools to switch off the 'unwanted noise' that is distracting and making focus difficult, so that children/adults can 'concentrate' when they need to and actually 'store the information', so that when it comes to SATs, Exams, Interviews, Performing On Stage, Completing Homework and Everyday Tasks, they can bring up the relevant information they have stored.  

"You are Number One"

Whether it is a One-To-One Session, a Small Group or a Whole Class, the sessions will work with each person
'As An Individual'
​the colour and sound tools are tailored to each person's specific needs.​

Each baby, toddler, child & adult is completely different and colour and sound are such a fantastic way to celebrate this.

The workshops help children/adults express themselves and explore new ways to communicate, aiding any hearing or sight difficulties and switching off those distractions interrupting the learning process.

The Mindfulness techniques help children/adults to learn more about themselves in this sometimes stressful world, reducing symptoms like Anxiety, Hyperactivity, Difficulties Focussing or Concentrating, ADD, ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia, Head-Aches, Nightmares, Night Terrors, Restlessness and Irritability (thus aiding better sleep at night), Coping with Trauma, Learning to Cope with Ever Changing Hormones, Growing Pains....

​Whilst improving Excelled Learning, Development, Creativity, Clarity, Wellbeing and Improved Motor Skills.
"Aids All Learning Spectrums"

As an aid with learning and development, the tools connect fully to the learner, helping to speed up and simplify the processes for Reading, Writing, Spelling, Speech, Maths, Science, Art, Music, Languages - in fact, it can be applied to any subject or area.

The colourful process is aiding any Learning Difficulties, Speech, Hearing and Sight Problems, Dyslexia and Autism, we can apply it to any learning need or requirement.  

Our modern society has been labelled the 'age of anxiety' which can be seen in all ages of the spectrum, making learning more pressured for pupils, teachers and parents and in the workplace or at home.  Colour and sound are proving valuable tools to help diminish anxiety symptoms out of the equation, enabling excelled learning to happen without problems getting in the way.

The tools help with concentration and storing information, making learning more easy, therefore, beneficial whilst preparing for Stressful or Difficult Situations, Exams, Important Meetings or Interviews and generally anything to do with learning and development.

​The techniques are subsiding attention, distraction and disruptive issues, anything to make life a little easier in this stressful and sometimes daunting world!  Projects are Colourful, Mindful and Age Related, with resources for all learner levels and abilities.

Multi-Sensory methods to learn about the World around them/you, connecting them/you back to Nature and exploring the how's and why's in life.

"The colours and sounds allow children to explore the Science of Vibration and Wavelengths."

We all learn differently so I incorporate all Learner methods; Auditory, Visual, Kinaesthetic and Reader / Writer. 

The colour and sound tools aim to gently and naturally re-balance, releasing any tensions, stress and anxieties, releasing old stuck energies and emotional or physical blockages that are causing difficulties in the learning process, enabling for a speeded and more efficient learning environment whilst creating more clarity for the learner. 

​Weather permitting, we go outside for some of the workshops.​

Get in touch to find out more about a one-to-one individual private session, workshops for groups, workshops for a class 
or if you would like me to visit your school for a workshop, talk or assembly.